Pathways for Middle East Peace is a nonprofit educational organization that works to support collaboration between mainline churches and the Jewish community.

We advocate for peace and reconciliation through dialogue and building relationships. While the world seeks to build walls and silos, we believe that Christ has created a pathway for us through the example of His life, ministry, death and resurrection: to build community by bringing people together.


Pathways promotes
two states for two peoples

The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is two states for two peoples. We recognize that Israel can only find its desired security with the creation of a prosperous Palestinian state, and Palestinians can only realize their national aspirations in their own state. All other solutions can only prolong the conflict and continue the occupation.

Pathways confronts
the rise of antisemitism

Antisemitism is a poison, and Pathways works to tackle it head-on in American society in general, and specifically in mainline Protestant denominations.

Pathways advocates
within mainline Protestant churches

We work to create positive interfaith relations that support the rights and security of Jewish people, including in the state of Israel.

Pathways supports
Palestinians and Israelis

Promoting peace by creating programs of engagement is critical to our work. Palestinians and Israelis can learn from each other and respect each other’s narratives through people-to-people connections.

Pathways provides
resources and information

We work to educate congregations about Christianity and Judaism to foster positive interfaith relations.

Pathways condemns
divisive actions and behaviors

Dehumanization of Palestinians or Israelis is always wrong and should be combated wherever it is found.

Pathways stands
with interfaith leaders

We work with the Jewish community to maintain a strong alliance between mainline Protestants and American Jews for peace and justice at home and abroad.